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protection for glaciers. care for humans.

The Morteratsch Glacier near Pontresina shows the effects of global warming. In our minds we have images from our childhood in our minds of how the glacier tongue reaches far into the valley. Today we see that the ice masses are shrinking, in recent decades even at an ever faster rate. High moraines shape the landscape and show us where the glacier was in 1850.

Glacier shrinkage is a major topic in Switzerland, but also worldwide. In Central Asia (Himalayas) and South America (Andes) in particular, dwindling glacier masses are creating threatening conditions for water supplies. According to a study recently published by glaciologist Hamish D. Pritchard in the scientific journal "Nature", up to 221 million people in the Himalayan region will be directly affected by a shortage of drinking water within a few decades. Covering the glaciers there with snow could greatly delay melting.

A delay of up to 50 years could be possible thanks to MortAlive - or to the #gkb2020 commitment of Graubündner Kantonalbank.

A visionary idea with worldwide appeal.

A project like MortAlive is only possible thanks to helpful partners. Please help and donate for MortAlive. You will save the glacier world in the long term and ensure peaceful coexistence in glacier areas all over the world.


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