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Support from the Upper Engadine Tourism

29. May 2020

The Hotel Cervus in St. Moritz is contributing to the MortAlive project as part of an offer created in collaboration with students from ETH Zurich. In this way, attention is gained and the support for the glacier rescue project grows. 

For each booking, the Hotel Cervus donates one percent of the offer to the preservation of the Morteratsch glacier. Other hotels are showing interest.
Largest glacier in the cantoof Grison as a tourist magnet
During a hike along the Morteratsch Glacier Trail you will realise how much more impressive the still mightiest glacier in Graubünden once was. This makes you think. Not only the extensive Inn, which, especially in dry summer months, owes more than half of its outflow to the glacier, but also the Upper Engadine landscape is shaped by Morteratsch. It is also important for tourism. Many visitors are drawn to the Upper Engadine because of its close ties to nature and the fascination of the glacier.
Project work by students of ETH Zurich
As part of the course "Environmental Problem Solving", students at ETH Zurich have set themselves the goal of attractive marketing for the low season in the Upper Engadine. A decrease in seasonal fluctuations, which are strongly influenced by tourism, enables more efficient water purification and contributes to sustainable water management. This has led to a cooperation with the Hotel Cervus. Together they have designed an offer that focuses on the mountain spring and the glacier world.
Hotel Cervus' contribution to the MortAlive project
The Hotel Cervus promises to donate one percent of the income it generates from the offer to the MortAlive project. This first trial run will run from 29 May to 10 July this year (link to the website of the Hotel Cervus) . If the offer is successful, the concept can be expanded and transferred to other hotels in the region that are already showing interest. In the end, a considerable support from the Upper Engadine Tourism could come together to realize the MortAlive project.
The Hotel Cervus is committed to protect the glacier world. With this contribution, it is demonstrating its engagement and setting an example for further assistance from the hotel industry.